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Swivel is the agile workspace network that provides growing companies with flexibility and choice in the notoriously inflexible real estate market.
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Growing companies love Swivel’s agile model

Avoid being locked into one-size-fits-all leases
Our workspaces have flexible terms that put you in control. You name your terms and decide upfront how short-or-long you want your contract to be.
Pay only for the space you use
Agile means you only pay for the part of the space your company needs. No sweating your hiring plans for the future or burning cash on wasted space.
Get more workspace for your money
Choose a Swivel workspace that suits your company and make a statement to your employees and recruits that you’ve arrived, all without breaking the budget.
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Swivel's ‘workspace network’ makes it possible

Our unique model and tech platform connect growing companies looking for space with motivated landlords who have space. These workspaces are made available in a way that allows more flexibility and choice than traditional leasing or coworking.
Progressive, reputable workspace providers…
We partner with local landlords and tenant reps to transform their available spaces into agile workspaces that can be shared. Each portion of these spaces can be customized and configured to suit a company’s size, budget and evolving needs.
Today’s most promising, high-growth companies…
Companies seeking workspace decide the locations, lease terms and layouts that best suit their situation. They love the flexibility and ease Swivel’s agile model gives them to find and tailor their space, as well as to grow into new Swivel spaces penalty-free.

Do you know what it really costs to outfit an office?

Paint, carpet, desks, chairs, Internet...The list feels endless. But these obvious things you plan for when moving are just the tip of the iceberg. The additional costs hiding beneath the surface may surprise you (and sink your budget!).
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